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1 House, 5 Grocery Store Workers And A Very Long Year

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1 House, 5 Grocery Store Workers And A Very Long Year

Photo: Raquel Salorio, a front-end manager, closes the doors at the beginning of her 1 a.m. work shift in San Diego on Dec. 21. At right, Salorio leaves Ralphs after working 10½ hours. Credit: Ariana Drehsler for HuffPost. Article by Dave Jamieson,

If you shop at Ralphs stores in San Diego, Raquel Salorio and her loved ones may be helping you get through the pandemic.

As coronavirus cases rose in San Diego this summer, Raquel Salorio took special precautions whenever she came home from her shift at a Ralphs grocery store. She left her shoes outside. She threw her clothes into the wash. She scrubbed her hands and hit the doorknobs with Lysol wipes. But she knew that her vigilance could only go so far.

After all, there were five grocery workers living in the same house, all coming and going from four Ralphs locations.

Her partner of three years, Mike Kurtz, is a Ralphs meat manager. Her son, Joseph, is a Ralphs front-end manager. Her daughter, Annalisa, is a Ralphs online order manager. And Annalisa’s boyfriend, Jack Dawe, is a Ralphs meat manager. […]

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