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16 medical illustrators doing groundbreaking work

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16 medical illustrators doing groundbreaking work

Image: Immunizations © Todd Buck. Tom May.

Once upon a time, working as a medical illustrator might have seemed like a quirky niche. This year, however, that’s all changed.

It’s a field that’s been evolving rapidly for a long time, with demand increasing year-on-year for highly trained and educated artists to help explain and promote new medical products and ideas. But in 2020, the Covid crisis has meant the need for clear and unambiguous visuals to educate citizens on a range of medical concepts, has risen like never before.

However, it’s not a discipline any artist can jump into. Medical illustrators are professionals with advanced education in both the life sciences and visual communication. Assignments often require extensive background research, reading scientific papers, and perhaps observing a surgery or a laboratory procedure. Collaboration with scientists, physicians and other specialists can be an integral part of the creative process, as they transform complex information into visual images that communicate and educate in a way that photography just can’t compete with. […]

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