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3 Technologies to Help Small Business Adapt in 2021

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3 Technologies to Help Small Business Adapt in 2021

Image: Technology stock photo (ID: 1187255977) by TippaPatt / Shutterstock. Article by Michael Zhou. Small Biz Daily – D

COVID-19 has irreparably changed the way the world does business in less than a year, and it shows no signs of letting up. Small businesses have had a tough journey in 2020 but they are flexible in some ways that larger businesses aren’t.

The fact that small businesses are not yet established works to their advantage when it comes to restructuring processes to be more coronavirus-friendly.

Rather than retrofitting the latest digital technology to outdated company infrastructure, small businesses can [implement it] from the ground up with modern programs. All in all: there are less variables that can go wrong with smaller companies.

Here are two trends we’re taking as a given to continue as we move into 2021: […]

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