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3 tips that helped me recruit game-changing investors

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3 tips that helped me recruit game-changing investors

Story by Kristen Miller. The Next Web – January 4, 2021.

Many entrepreneurs embark on their journey through a desire to “be their own boss,” little realizing that teaming up with the wrong investor might leave them working for the boss from hell!

I had heard enough of these cautionary tales to make me wary of raising money and so I avoided this as much as possible by focusing on businesses that I could bootstrap and fund through revenue. And I managed to do this a few times.

However, with my latest venture, the first merchandising-as-a-service solution for retailers — Stylyze, I needed to face my fears and see if I could flip the script as we recognized that we need to bring in specific talent to help elevate our business and put it on the fast track to success. […]

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