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A lot of workers are quitting their jobs. Meet six people who made a big change.

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Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash. Article by Marisa Iati, Lindsey Bever and Paulina Firozi. The Washington Post – June 17, 2021.

American workers have decided it’s time for a change — a decision at least partly brought on by a more than year-long pandemic that shifted the way many understood the norms of work life.

In a year when millions lost their jobs, many also switched career paths, launched their own companies, quit without set plans or left the workforce altogether. There’s no one reason for all the change. There have been fears about health and safety during a public health crisis. Routines have turned upside down as people juggled jobs and family and adjusted to remote work. All of it contributed to workers reevaluating, reprioritizing and reflecting on what they do, according to experts who study workplace well-being and organizational behavior. […]

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