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AP FACT CHECK: Donald Trump and the audacity of hype

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Associated Press writers Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Jonathan Lemire, Ellen Knickmeyer, Eric Tucker, Mark Sherman and Paul Wiseman in Washington and Amanda Seitz in Chicago contributed to this report.

In their boisterous presidential debate, several Democrats sold short the health care plans of rivals or glossed over aspects of their own record. In an audacious league of his own, President Donald Trump celebrated the elimination of a tax that still exists and went deep and wide in distorting what he’s done in office.

A sampling from the past week:
TRUMP: “We got rid of it. No more death tax, no more inheritance tax.” — Colorado rally Thursday.
THE FACTS: False. The “death” tax is still alive.
He’s referring to the estate tax, also known as the inheritance tax. He didn’t get “rid of it.” The 2017 tax overhaul doubled the threshold at which the estate tax gets levied. A couple worth less than $22.4 million would avoid the tax. But the increase of the threshold isn’t permanent. It’s set to expire in 2026. […]

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