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Apple’s App Store fight heads to North Dakota

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Apple's App Store fight heads to North Dakota

Image: Apple. Article by David Pierce. Protocol –

There’s a new bill that’s making Apple nervous, and it’s called SB 2333.

It spans all of two pages and makes its point quite clear. It says a “digital application distribution platform” that does more than $10 million in revenue in North Dakota each year — which includes every major app store — cannot:

  • “Require a developer to use a digital application distribution platform or digital transaction platform as the exclusive mode of distributing a digital product.”
  • “Require a developer to use an in-application payment system as the exclusive mode of accepting payment from a user to download a software application or purchase a digital or physical product through a software application.”
  • “Retaliate against a developer for choosing to use an alternative application store or in-application payment system.” […]

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