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Are Employer-Sponsored Health Plans on Their Way Out?

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Are Employer-Sponsored Health Plans on Their Way Out?

Image: DBenitostock / Getty Images. Article by Leif O’Leary. HBR – May 19, 2021.

Summary.   The history of why we get our benefits from employers dates back to WWII, when companies began using healthcare as a means to attract talent, particularly women. While employer-sponsored health insurance has been the norm ever since, it is clear that consumers’ needs have shifted. One-size-fits-many coverage may no longer cut it for Americans with heightened expectations and diverse health concerns. Going forward, we may see employer-sponsored health insurance going the way of pension plans. Consumers are showing they’re ready for the change, with data revealing that 41% of consumers say they think health insurance should be decoupled from employment. As business leaders look ahead to the next couple of years, we have an opportunity to meet the moment and reimagine what health insurance looks like, and what incentives companies should offer to attract the best talent. […]

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