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Capital Region business leaders weigh in on post-COVID economy

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Capital Region business leaders weigh in on post-COVID economy
Photo caption: The Pizza King dining room on Jay Street is empty Wednesday, March 25, 2020. Photographer: Peter R. Barber/Staff Photographer. Article by John Cropley.

Trepidation, cautious optimism about the shape of the “new normal” in the wake of the pandemic

Two intertwined issues are at or near the top of people’s thoughts lately: COVID-19 and the economy.

How do we not get sick? How do we pay the massive tab piling up from trying so hard to not get sick?

And what sort of economy will be left standing when we’re done doing both?

The pandemic is potentially an existential crisis for businesses that began 2020 with a weak bottom line and those that can’t quickly adapt to whatever “new normal” awaits over the horizon, when the partial shutdown of society ends.

The Daily Gazette asked an array of leaders in the business community across six counties what they think employers, consumers and the workforce will need to do when the economy restarts.

Here are their thoughts: […]

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