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Coping with coronavirus puts technology to the test

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Coping with coronavirus puts technology to the test

Workers with Slabach Construction of Kalona, Iowa, connect lengths of plastic conduit […]. AP. Article by Rod Boshart |

DES MOINES — While Iowans aren’t exactly zooming through the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no question technology has been the linchpin for many to weather the disruptions, isolation and life changes that are as insidious and novel as the virus itself.

Internet usage in Iowa has surged since COVID-19 arrived in the state and a national emergency was declared in March. Iowans are downloading and uploading data at significantly higher rates in a new normal requiring them to work, learn, shop and seek medical help from home to avoid large gatherings and maintain safe distances necessary to slow the viral spread.

But issues of quality, speed, availability, reliability and cost have underscored inequities that digitally divide Iowans and raise concerns over ensuring access to anyone who wants or needs to traverse the information superhighway — similar to the way electricity and other technological advances became an essential element of society. […]

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