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‘Extreme privilege’: Ivanka Trump faces backlash over keynote speech at CES

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'Extreme privilege': Ivanka Trump faces backlash over keynote speech at CES

Ivanka Trump faced a backlash for her lack of tech qualifications from industry figures ahead of her speech at a big annual technology industry show in Las Vegas.

Trump was set to deliver the keynote speech on Tuesday afternoon at CES on “The path to the future of work”, addressing technology’s role in creating and enabling the workforce of the future. […]

But the decision to give her the opportunity has invited scathing criticism, especially from women in the tech industry. The Women Who Tech group on Facebook expressed their displeasure at CES’ decision to invite Trump. Investor Elisabeth Fullerton wrote: “This is an insult to women in technology. We did hard times in university, engineering, math, and applied sciences. This is what extreme privilege and entitlement get you. It’s not what you know it’s who you know I guess.” […]

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