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Haus Guest: Amy Yeung of Orenda Tribe

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Haus Guest: Amy Yeung of Orenda Tribe

Photo: Orenda Tribe owner, Amy Yeung, photographed by Pierre Manning. Article by Alison Wu of Wu Haus –

This year has been such a period of growth, both personally and in the world. The pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement has shed so much light on the human experience, the good and the bad. It has exposed our shortcomings as a society and shown the strength we have when we come together. […]

I can’t think of a better person to kick off the Haus Guest series than Amy Yeung, founder and owner of Orenda Tribe. As a fellow member of the Spirit Weavers community, I have followed Amy’s story for years and am moved by the purpose behind her work and the beauty she brings through her craft. More than a gorgeous line of repurposed and upcycled clothing handmade by artisans from around the world, Orenda Tribe is the catalyst for Amy’s work in supporting Indigenous communities and, in essence, her family. […]


YouTube Video: From Fashion Executive to Starting Her Own Clothing LineTamron Hall Show.

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