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I’m an immigrant startup founder who came for the American Dream. Here’s why it’s in danger

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Statue of Liberty National Monument, New York, United States

Photo by Aaron Burson on Unsplash. Article by Jaspreet Singh. Fast Company – 01-06-21 | POV.

An immigrant entrepreneur who’s navigated bringing a startup to the U.S. to grow explains how reforms to our current systems can help the American economy flourish.

Silicon Valley has attracted smart, imaginative, enterprising, and talented people from all over the world for decades. Its name has become a shorthand for centers of innovation and startups. But while other regions might have a reputation for being a hub of innovation, the real magic of the Bay Area is that it is by far the best place on Earth to accelerate and scale a technology-based business.

That potential drew me to Silicon Valley precisely 10 years ago. My cofounders and I had bootstrapped our business in India until Sequoia Capital invested in the company. That investment compelled me to move to the U.S. to help prepare our business for the next stage of growth. […]

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