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In just a few days, McDonald’s customers may not like what they see

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In just a few days, McDonald's customers may not like what they see

Photo caption: And suddenly, no smiles. Screenshot by ZDNet. Article by Chris Matyszczyk.

Just when you thought your McDonald’s delivery and drive-thru experience had improved, there’s a kink in the works. And technology is at its heart.

There are certain things we’ve come to rely on during the pandemic.

The carelessness of some governments, for example. The arrogance of some local politicians, too, as they tell us to do one thing and themselves do another.

And then there’s the utter reliability of fast food at a time of crisis.

When things are rough, we turn to pizzas and burgers because we’re all tenderized chickens at heart, in need of simple pleasures when we’re all cooped up.

McDonald’s and other fast-food entities have managed to survive quite well during these darker days. You wouldn’t think, then, that they’d want to upset customers at this delicate moment. […]

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