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Paralyzed puppy able to walk again thanks to 3D printing

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Paralyzed puppy able to walk again thanks to 3D printed spine

Image caption: Veterinarians discovered a section of Arthur’s spine was not connected together properly, compressing his spinal cord and causing a loss of limb function. Image courtesy of Chestergates Veterinary Hospital. Article by SWNS. New York Post – June 12, 2024.

A paralyzed puppy has been given a ‘second chance at life’ and is able to walk again – after his spine was fixed with 3D-printed screws. Arthur, a six month old Cockapoo, was unable to move after his limbs suddenly became weak and he collapsed. His owner Natalie Jones rushed him to Chestergates Veterinary Hospital in Chester, Cheshire, where vets conducted MRI scans and X-rays of his spine. […]

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