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Pivoting Helps Small Businesses Thrive During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Pivoting Helps Small Businesses Thrive During COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo caption: While many business owners are growing increasingly positive, surveys are also showing the disproportionately negative effects COVID-19 has had on minority-owned businesses. — Getty Images/FG Trade. Article by Rieva Lesonsky.

Results from the most recent MetLife and U.S. Chamber of Commerce poll and several other small business surveys prove similar in terms of how business owners are weathering COVID-19.

As devastated as many small businesses are by the coronavirus, there are some bright spots for some small companies. Optimism is a trait that runs through many successful small business owners, and that has helped many of them get through the past few challenging months. […]

One thing that might help in both arenas is getting certified as a minority-owned business. Certification can help businesses stand apart from their competitors as well as help businesses earn coveted contracts from large corporations, and federal, state and local governments. Learn more about getting certified. […]

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