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Seeds Are Our Future, but We Need a New System

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Seeds Are Our Future, but We Need a New System

Illustration by Jackson Gibbs. Article by Kristyn Leach, as told to Aliza Abarbanel. Bon Appétit –

In her fourth Restaurant Diary, farmer Kristyn Leach explains how the pandemic destabilized supply chains, emphasizing the importance of reimagining the seed-growing system.

Restaurant Diaries is a weekly series featuring four people working in the industry. Each week you’ll hear from one of them: bartender turned brand ambassador Jenny Feldt, wine educator Kyla Peal, line cook Peter Steckler, and farmer Kristyn Leach. Here Leach explains what she does beyond running Namu Farm in Winters, California: seed saving. It’s a crucial part of the agricultural system but has been upended by the pandemic, climate change, and aging seed growers. Now Leach is thinking about what change can look like for farmers, seed growers, and seed companies. Read Leach’s previous diary entries here. […]

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