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Sketching as a Service

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Image: The Sketch Effect Overview. Transcript: Andrew Warner’s podcast interview of William Warren, founder of The Sketch Effect.
Joining me is somebody who thinks of himself as a creative turned entrepreneur. Today’s guest is somebody who’s been sketching, designing, and drawing his entire life but found himself working a corporate job at Chic-fil-a.
It was in endless meetings that he got a brilliant idea. [You’ll] find out what happened in this interview.
William Warren is the founder of The Sketch Effect, which delivers whiteboard videos and dry erase board sketches at conferences to make your ideas understandable, memorable and sharable stories. […]
Full Interview Transcript

Andrew: Hey there, freedom fighters. My name is Andrew Warner. I’m the founder of Mixergy, where I interview entrepreneurs about how they built their […] businesses. Joining me is somebody who listened and he’s a guy who’s an artist himself.

Did you ever see yourself as a business person growing up?

William: You know, I never did. I am a creative turned entrepreneur. Um, so I never imagined I’d be doing this business thing, but I’m glad to be doing it. And, uh, enjoying finding a way to integrate my creative skill into this world of business.

The Sketch Effect Overview

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