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Spray planes combat billions of locusts in Kenya

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Spray planes combat billions of locusts in Kenya
Photo caption: A plane spraying pesticides flies over a swarm of desert locusts Saturday in Nasuulu Conservancy, […]

NASUULU CONSERVANCY, Kenya — As locusts by the billions – yes, billions – descend on parts of Kenya in the worst outbreak in 70 years, small planes are flying low over affected areas to spray pesticides in what experts call the only effective control.

It is challenging work, especially in remote areas where mobile phone signals are absent and ground crews cannot quickly communicate coordinates to flight teams. The ground crews are in “the most woeful terrains,” Marcus Dunn, a pilot and the director at Farmland Aviation, said Saturday. “If there is no network, then the fellow on a boda boda (motorcycle), he has to rush off now and go and get a network.” […]

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