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Sunday-Best Dress Inspires the Faithful

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Sunday-Best Dress Inspires the Faithful

Photo collage: Six different screenshots of Dr. Laverne Wimberly attending virtual church services in her Sunday best. Article

COVID can’t steal one 82-year-old’s glow while she worships from home

Most meetings may be virtual now but that is no excuse not to dress for the occasion. That was La Verne Wimberly’s philosophy in March 2020 when many states put in place stay-at-home ordersinspirational and her weekly gatherings transitioned to online meetings.

Like many at the start of the pandemic, Wimberly, an 82-year-old retired superintendent from Tulsa, Oklahoma, believed the lockdown and precautionary measures would last a few weeks at most. She figured it was best not to get out of the habit of dressing up for church services, so she continued to do so at home. […]


Video: 82-year-old who dressed up for virtual church 52 weeks straight is pure inspiration – Apr 2, 2021.

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