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The Best Stocks To Buy In 2021

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The Best Stocks To Buy In 2021

Photo: Andy Roberts, Getty Images. Article written by E. Napoletano, contributor. Benjamin Curry, editor. Updated: Dec 15, 2020.

It’s probably safe to say that no one had “global pandemic” on their 2020 bingo card. But as the dust settles on a year filled with unprecedented developments medical, economic and political, it’s time to look ahead to 2021 and the equity investing opportunities it offers.

What Are the Best Stocks to Buy in 2021?

Given the strong possibility of economic recovery in 2021, it might be tempting to fill up your portfolio with every laggard stock that got crushed during the pandemic in 2020. But the new year doesn’t promise any less uncertainty than its predecessor, so investors should remain cautious, as always.

“The unknown question is how people will react to taking the vaccine, and how quickly people will feel comfortable returning to some semblance of normality,” says Judith Lu, founder of Blue Zone Wealth Advisors.

This suggests caution when picking the stocks that will be poised for a big rebound in 2021. Major brokerages, such as Wells Fargo, UBS and J.P. Morgan, and the experts we’ve interviewed for this piece, offered a nuanced look at the 2021 outlook. […]

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