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The Pandemic Is Spurring Adoption of Emerging Technologies

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The Pandemic Is Spurring Adoption of Emerging Technologies

Photo caption: Shutterstock.com Article by Katie Malague.

The long-term impact for agencies is likely to be profound.

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the technology transformation that’s occurring inside and outside government.

The short-term impact of the transformation is being felt in our day-to-day lives as both individuals and enterprises rely on a variety of technologies to stay connected and safe. Since the pandemic’s outbreak, more employees are working remotely and connecting to their company information networks from home than ever before. Across industries, events and conferences are hosted on cloud computing-enabled video conferencing platforms in lieu of large in-person gatherings. And many organizations are increasing their mobile offerings as people increasingly rely on websites and applications for critical services from food delivery to stimulus payments. […]

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