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Three network technologies driven by cloud-native computing

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Three network technologies driven by cloud-native computing

Article by Andrew Lerner and Danellie Young.

Networking technologies are being driven heavily by digitisation and cloud computing. Gartner picks three networking trends to watch

In its Hype cycle for enterprise networking, 2019, published last July, Gartner warns that IT decision-makers will no longer be able to make incremental changes to network infrastructure to keep up with the pace of change in their organisations. The report notes that networking technologies are being driven heavily by digitisation and cloud computing. In fact, the digitisation of business means networking needs to become more agile.

While Gartner’s report covers a large number of networking technologies at various stages of maturity, a few of these are becoming more mainstream, others are ready for early adoption, while some are very much hype. In this article, we look at three technologies aiming to disrupt the cloud-native computing market. Cloud-managed networks (CMNs) provide a cloud-based web portal to enable centralised configuration and management of secure, remotely deployed enterprise wired and wireless connectivity. In his analysis of the market, Gartner principal analyst Bill Menezes says CMNs are going beyond initial adopters (such as small or mid-sized enterprises) with limited IT staff who need to support wireless local area network (WLAN) access points (APs). […]

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