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‘We move the economy’: How Latino-owned businesses are meeting unique challenges

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'We move the economy': How Latino-owned businesses are meeting unique challenges

Photo: Robert Scheer / The Indianapolis Star. Article by Natalia E. Contreras, The Indianapolis Star.

Frank Rodriguez’s dream was to open a hair salon on Mass Ave. He eyed the spot where it would be, on the 700th block, he said. […]

And he made it happen. He got the keys in 2017 and opened Frank Hair Artist, the 28-year-old’s second hair salon in Indianapolis, at 739 Massachusetts Ave.

Rodriguez’s salon concept was by-appointment-only and soon after he created a hair product line sold on his online store. […]

Through the years, many Latino small business owners in Indianapolis — and immigrants like Rodriguez, who is originally from El Salvador — have been able to grow their customer base through personal connections, word-of-mouth and without any type of business coaching or outside help from business grants or business advocacy organizations. […]

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