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What Is Low-Code Development?

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What Is Low-Code Development?

Image: Programmer coding on notebook. Getty Images. Article by Moe Goswami (Founding CEO and President of AINS) –Forbes Council Member. Forbes – January 7, 2021.

If you ask any IT analyst what the future holds for application development, they’ll likely tell you how low-code is taking the market by storm. Gartner predicts that low-code will account for 65% of all app development by 2024, while a Forrester report reveals that the industry is expected to grow to $21.2 billion by 2022. In today’s rapidly changing IT world, low-code is offering one of the fastest and most agile environments for companies looking to build and innovate new and existing applications.

But what exactly is low-code, and how did it become the pinnacle of development we see today.

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