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What’s inside a Fall Guy? The game’s developers talk crunch, level design and … lore?

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Article by Elise Favis, Launcher – The Washington Post.

“Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” has been the gaming sensation of the summer, with more than seven million Steam copies sold.

Players make their way through zany mini-games, competing to be the last one standing in a 60-player battle royale. The beginning of October brings a new season, just a couple months after the game’s launch, with new levels, costumes and features.

Mediatonic had no idea “Fall Guys” would become as successful as it did. The Washington Post caught up with lead level designer Megan Ralph and associate lead artist Nicolas Pessina, who both shed light on what it’s like to manage crunch while fan demand continues to skyrocket, how levels like Slime Climb and Hex-A-Gone were made, as well as some not-too-serious insight on the lore of the “Fall Guys” universe. Yes, lore. […]

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