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You can’t vote by text or tweet. Don’t be fooled

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You can't vote by text or tweet. Don't be fooled

Image caption: Most people can vote only in person or by mail. Getty Images. Article by Ian Sherr.

Trolls and hackers have used social media to post fake ads meant to confuse voters into missing out on Election Day. Don’t get played.

No, you can’t vote by text message. Or by tweet.  Or, minus a few rare exceptions, over the internet.

If you didn’t know that, now you do. If you did know it, good. Tell your friends.

The reason I’m writing it is that in the past few elections, hackers and online trolls have reportedly tried to disenfranchise voters by offering false voting alternatives like text messaging, to effectively trick people into not actually casting their ballot.

For the vast majority of people, the only way to vote is by going to the polls or by using a mail-in ballot. The good news is that the word appears to be getting out. More than 60 million people have already cast ballots in early voting. […]

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