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10 tiny satellite technologies

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10 tiny satellite technologies

If you’re not certain as to the differences between nanosats and cubesats, or how these tiny satellites are launched and what they do, then read on. […]

Chipsats – sometimes called nanocrafts – are gram-scale wafer satellites that carry cameras, photon thrusters, plus power supply, navigation and communication equipment. The cracker-size miniprobes were recently deployed from a KickSat-2 carrier spacecraft. The KickSat project began at Cornell in 2011. […]

Tiny satellites have made space accessible to a new generation of university students, private companies and even helped cash-strapped government agencies like NASA. Generally known as nano-satellites (nanosats) or cube-satellites (cubesats), this technology has been made possible by the semiconductor driven miniaturization of electronic and electro-mechanical systems. […]

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