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3 Coronavirus-Resistant Tech Stocks to Buy in June

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3 Coronavirus-Resistant Tech Stocks to Buy in June

Image Source: Getty Images. Article by Billy Duberstein (TMFStoneOak).

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly thrown a wrench into the global economy, decimating many smaller local businesses, brick-and-mortar retailers, and travel-related businesses alike. And even though economies are beginning to open back up, COVID-19 is still out there — and will be for some time until a vaccine is developed.

That means both businesses and customers will have to plan for and adopt a more digital lifestyle, with work-from-home, telemedicine, and remote education all becoming more entrenched ways of living. All of that will require more cloud computing, semiconductors, and advanced software to make everything run smoothly.

Those trends will benefit the following three stocks today and over the long run, making each a solid buy entering June. […]

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