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4 ridiculously easy ways you can be more eco-friendly

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4 ridiculously easy ways you can be more eco-friendly

Article by Giselle Defares.

When it comes to saving the planet, the question of where to start can be overwhelming. And while larger, governmental change is urgently needed, we can all individually contribute to being  part of “the solution” rather than “the pollution.”

Savvy consumerism is no longer reserved for staunch eco-warriors, and it’s easier than ever to make “green” choices. There are plenty of examples: Veja creates fashionable sneakers from recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton, or wild rubber from the Brazilian Amazon. Personal care brand By Humankind delivers shampoo bars in paper boxes and provides refills for its deodorant. Whether it’s sustainable fashion or the reusable Origami Bottle that collapses down to pocket-size, traditionally unsustainable industries are being disrupted by alternatives. […]

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