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Art On Display

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Art On Display

Photographer creates ‘deep connections’ with transit workers By Bridgette M. Redman.

Posted by storres@timespublications.com | Nov 25, 2020.

Some stories take time to tell, especially when they are still evolving without an end in sight.

Ken Karagozian first headed underground 30 years ago, having obtained permission for a one-time shoot of the miners who build Los Angeles subway system. That one-time shoot grew into three decades worth of work, numerous friendships and a lifetime of stories.

Those stories and his art are now being shared in a Metro Art exhibition called “Deep Connections,” which is being shown in the Union Station Passageway Art Gallery. Karagozian has photographed the workers and the machinery they use on black and white film, which he typically processes himself.

“We are living in a digital world, but I still enjoy using film,” Karagozian said. “I like the look of film, especially black and white. I like to do my own developing and printing of my film.” […]

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