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Becoming technology-led, not just technology-enabled

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Becoming technology-led, not just technology-enabled

Image credit: Pixabay. Article by Emma Hitzke.

AI will become the intelligent classmate we knew at school

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the modern enterprise has dominated many boardroom conversations, with many companies now implementing, or considering implementing, the technology in some form or another. But to be truly future-ready, companies must understand that AI will be pervasive across all business functions.

The benefits of the technology is clear to see – with recent research finding that AI can help companies grow their annual profits 80 per cent faster. What’s more, companies using AI have found that errors have been reduced by more than a third (37 per cent), on average, and almost three quarters (72 per cent) of businesses that use AI better understand overall business performance. The winners of the next decade, therefore, will be the businesses that focus on driving business impact and ingraining AI in their processes and solutions. The losers will not be those that fail to follow trends, but rather those who cannot embed AI and emerging innovations in everything across the business. […]

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