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Can Technology Fix Food Waste?

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Can Technology Fix Food Waste?

Photo caption:  Or is it just a bandaid on a larger problem?

Janna Cordeiro, program manager for the San Francisco Produce Market, a nonprofit warehouse for local food distributors, is walking across a loading dock, examining produce that has been left out for donation to food banks. “Look at these berries!” she says, equal parts proud and outraged. “They’re perfect!” […]

The Mazda pulls up. Nancy, a tiny woman in big, glamorous sunglasses is behind the wheel. Nancy’s with Food Runners, a San-Francisco based volunteer-run nonprofit that is dedicated to ferrying leftovers throughout the city.

Every day a mostly volunteer crew who have registered for a particular job on the Food Runners smartphone app arrive by car, by truck, or by bicycle to pick up what they can from locations that have flagged the existence of leftovers, and ferry it to the appointed destination, which is also on the app.

Some of them may do it once, some of them may become volunteers for life. […]

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