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Can Technology Solve Economic Disparity?

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The effect of technology on economic inequality has long been debated, with experts pointing out the numerous benefits of regions and populations getting acquainted with tech tools, but also the downside of too much technology heavily impacting employment and human lives. In Latin America, a series of measures, including new technology tools, are trying to improve economic mobility.

When Ignacio Martinez was 22 years old, he noticed the recruiting process in low-wage industries in Latin America was tedious and inefficient. The turnover was high, people jumped from one job to another, and attracting employees was pricey, time-consuming and guided solely by candidates’ salary expectations. “These are industries where the labor market functions as a commoditized market,” says Martinez, who adds that people are selected for jobs not necessarily based on qualifications, but rather on the cost of labor. Fast forward, Martinez and two other associates now own Alana, a Tinder-like platform for the job market in Mexico where recruiters get access to filtered qualified workers who match employers’ required skills. […]

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