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Choosing a Data Center Provider for Disaster Recovery: 9 Key Considerations

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By Patrick Doherty, Chief Revenue Officer, Flexential

Businesses always have to be ready to weather the storm – whether it’s an impending forecast or enterprise issue.

No matter where a business is located – in snowy climates, hurricane-prone coastlines, active fault lines or raging wildfires – businesses must have plans in place to keep operations running no matter the circumstances. Consider being a business in Florida located on the coast during hurricane season, or a corporation in Kansas City, Missouri at the height of tornado season. For such businesses, back-up generators are not enough in the face of a storm. And beyond natural events, organizations must also be prepared for manmade disasters which increasingly arise in the form of cyberattacks. Malicious actors prey upon human error and use individual’s lack of awareness of vulnerability to breach systems and access sensitive information. In fact, cybersecurity firm Mimecast recently found that 94% of individuals were targets of an email phishing attack throughout the past year. […]

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