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Citibot Announces Chatbot for Local Government Websites

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Citibot Announces Chatbot for Local Government Websites

Image: Shutterstock/Golden Sikorka. Article by Andrew Westrope.

The South Carolina-based chatbot company has incorporated AI and machine learning into a new website assistant for city governments, with a focus on integrating with many CRMs and handling any kind of request.

While government workers across the United States are still relying on telework, trying to maintain digital services and answer citizen questions remotely, South Carolina-based chatbot company Citibot has prepared a new tool to help city websites handle questions and service requests.

CEO Bratton Riley said next week the company will launch Citibot Web Chat, a built-in Web assistant that’s virtually open-ended in what kinds of questions in can answer. He said it’s the only chatbot he’s aware of that integrates with a wide range of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and addresses any type of customer service request, as opposed to being constrained to certain topics like if/then scenarios or COVID-19. […]

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