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Downtown wine shop is all natural

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It started with one glass. On a trip to Tulum, Mexico, in 2017, Katie and Denny Culbert tasted a wine from the Baja California region. It was a natural wine, an increasingly popular style made without technology and additives. The couple was hooked. “I feel like once you start drinking it, you can’t think about drinking anything else,” Katie said of natural wines. “I was chasing that flavor everywhere I went.”

Now the couple are launching their own wine shop, and all the bottles will be natural wines. Wild Child Wines opened Jan. 11, on East Vermilion Street between The French Press and Hub City Cycles. It will eventually stock 100 different wines. “Natural wine” has no official definition, and some in the business prefer labels like “low-intervention” or “raw” wines. “It’s a wine that doesn’t have anything added or taken away,” Katie said. […]

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