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Grounded for now, but ready to soar

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Grounded for now, but ready to soar
Photo caption: People wait to check in at Kansas City International Airport. File photo | News-Press NOW. Article by

Just a few months ago, talk of zooming would have brought up images of hopping on a plane for an important out-of-town meeting.

What once required a trip across town, or across the country, is now accomplished remotely. Out of necessity, our world takes a turn toward virtual meetings on Zoom or other online platforms.

Maybe that’s a small benefit from this dismal seven-week lockdown. We’ve developed an understanding that not all meetings need to be on a face-to-face basis. Technology can be used to provide access, at reduced cost, across great distances.

But at some point, it becomes necessary for someone to get on a plane to close a deal or meet colleagues in some far-off location. […]

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