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How Can We Build Trust in Digital Business?

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How Can We Build Trust in Digital Business?

We live and work in an era of ‘digital Darwinism’, where disruptive technology is rapidly evolving – and so are its effects on markets and society. Over the past decade, ‘digital transformation’ has emerged as the driving force behind business’ ability to survive and thrive. The term has earned buzzword status way beyond the technology industry but make no mistake: digital transformation isn’t marketing hype – it’s a critical enabler of business modernization.

Originally, the conversation around digital transformation was largely focused on cloud migration and modernizing legacy foundations. To a large extent it still is. But it’s also about total business modernization…back office and front office. However, there’s a largely unaddressed area of digital transformation, the opportunity to modernize networking infrastructure— software-defined networks (SDNs). SDNs optimize the foundation for how information flows within and outside the business. And in a digital economy, information is currency. […]

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