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How Entrepreneurs Are Reducing the Stress of Back-to-School

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How Entrepreneurs Are Reducing the Stress of Back-to-School

Photo: Getty Images. Article by Leigh Buchanan, Editor-at-Large, Inc. Magazine.

Reopening schools requires more than frequent disinfection and spacing out desks. Small companies are tackling some of the other issues educators may face.

As governments, school districts, teachers unions and parents tussle over the how and when of returning to school buildings, small companies are working to improve and de-risk the inevitable. Providers of plexiglass desk dividers, modular classrooms, and mascot-themed facemasks are gearing up, predictably, for fall. Meanwhile, other businesses anticipate expanded opportunities for products that, with or without some tweaking, address challenges less obvious than sanitation and social distancing. These are among the problems they’re solving. […]

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