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How New Technology Helps in a Crisis

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How New Technology Helps in a Crisis

Photo caption: PolyJet is a 3D printing process that Protolabs uses in industrial settings to build prototypes and complex parts. Image by Protolabs. Article by Gene Rebeck.

From farm to factory, AI offers greater efficiencies and helps to meet customer needs.

The shock that the coronavirus has delivered to the economy cannot be overstated. During and after the crisis, Minnesota-based businesses will be relying even more heavily on technology.

Leveraging technology is one way that businesses can run their operations more efficiently. Plus, technological solutions often are demanded by customers. Twin Cities Business interviewed business leaders to learn how they are taking advantage of technology as well as what innovations are on the horizon.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most tech-forward ways that businesses are boosting efficiency, though not the only one, by any means. But the goals of incorporating newer, digitally powered tools are similar: greater company efficiency and more satisfied customers. […]

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