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How technology and nature can work together to feed a growing population

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How technology and nature can to work together to feed a growing population
Photo caption: Shutterstock l i g h t p o e t. Article by RP Siegel.

While people might argue for days about an exact definition of sustainability, it’s pretty clear that any society that cannot feed itself is not a sustainable one. What’s also clear is that the current methods and systems being used to feed us are not only ineffectively getting sufficient food to everyone, they also are rapidly degrading the very resources required to produce healthy food.

During a GreenBiz 20 panel about feeding the earth’s growing population, Larry Kopald, founder and managing partner at nonprofit organization The Carbon Underground, shared that as much as 70 percent of our topsoil already has been lost and degraded. And in Europe, it has been estimated that only 60 more harvests remain before the topsoil is gone. While some have challenged that timeline, the forces at play — primarily erosion, land loss and desertification — are accelerating rapidly, courtesy of climate change. […]

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