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How Technology Can Facilitate Social Distancing and Help Hotels Stay Healthy

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How Technology Can Facilitate Social Distancing and Help Hotels Stay Healthy
Photo caption: One way hotels can address the need to reduce staff exposure to guests – and guest exposure to large numbers of people in close proximity – is through modern hotel technology. Article by Brian Shedd.

The global coronavirus pandemic will likely change aspects of the hospitality business forever.

Travelling (especially routine business travel) has always presented challenges to staying healthy – one reason business travelers tend to get sick more often than others. It’s difficult to stay healthy when travelling for a number of reasons that include a tendency to work longer hours, forego exercise, eat less nutritious food and exposure to lots of people and environments. Stress, lack of exercise and poor food choices reduce the body’s immune system and ability to fight off illness. And viruses such as COVID-19 can be deadly for people without robust immune systems. […]

Fortunately, solutions exist that improve the guest experience at a hotel, reduce staff workload, eliminate lines at the front desk and make social distancing possible without eliminating business travel and bankrupting the hospitality industry. Hotel technology such as mobile check-in, mobile key, mobile check-out and AI-driven guest request platforms help hotels improve guest service by empowering the guest to control more elements of their stay from the security of their own smartphone. Living with the new reality of social-distancing will likely speed implementation of smart hotel rooms that allow guests to control all aspects of their room such as TV, music, temperature, lighting, etc from their smartphone also. Ancillary technology in room such as tablets, remotes, cables, etc will become obsolete as a result. […]

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