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How technology is changing revenue management in 2020

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How technology is changing revenue management in 2020

Neville Isaac, Chief Customer Officer, Beonprice

What does 2020 hold for the travel industry? The memory of Thomas Cook may linger but one important lesson from their demise stands out as a strategy: reliance on one supplier can endanger your business, so it’s time to think multi-channel and be more dynamic.

Revenue management is by no means a new concept in travel, airlines in the US have been using it since the late 1970s, with Delta Air Lines thought to boast around 150 pricing-related staff roles in the mid 1980s.

Consumers know – book early and your flight will most likely be cheaper. As the plane fills, prices increase. […]

While modern technology has reduced the number of staff needed to make intelligent business decisions, there is still a call for a large number of talented and experienced revenue managers to optimise the bottom line. […]

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