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How To Strike The Right Balance Between What Humans And Technology Should Do

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How To Stike The Right Ballance Between What Humans And Technology Should Do

Technology starts at the precise point in which our bodies and minds end. Its sole purpose is to augment our capabilities beyond what our physical limitations enable. […]

Imagine one of your ancient ancestors is sitting on a rock looking at a nut, which is, as expected, tough to crack. She tries to pry it open with her bare hands, but the hard shell is unyielding. Then, a profound moment in history suddenly takes place: Your ancient ancestor gets up off of the rock, smashes the nut against it, and voila! Humankind has just evolved to using tools and from there to using technologies. […]

Technological tools have been around for so long, and we’ve gotten so used to using them to solve both physical and mental problems, that they have become a natural extension of our bodies. […]

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