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Introducing the “I Am a Scientist” Initiative

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Introducing the “I Am a Scientist” Initiative

Credit: Christian Lue on Unsplash.

Science has been the driving force in the modernization of the world as we know it, yet science as an industry has failed to adequately diversify with the times. While the new digital age offers opportunities to expand interest in and appeal of STEM careers, many barriers still hinder equitable access for all students.

Conversations of famous scientists often draw answers such as “Albert Einstein” and “Bill Nye the Science Guy”. While accurate references of scientific leaders, the lack of diversity in the public image of scientists can contribute to the lack of diversity in STEM fields.

Introducing the “I Am A Scientist” initiative, which provides opportunities for students, specifically those in Junior High School and High School, to interact with the science and stories of today’s scientists—breaking down barriers like race, gender, and personal interests. […]

To learn more about how to get involved with the I AM A SCIENTIST initiative, visit: https://www.iamascientist.info.

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