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‘It’s not technology that will transform society, but rather people’

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‘It’s not technology that will transform society, but rather people’
Photo caption:  Candace Johnson. Image: EBAN

We spoke to Candace Johnson about how her father inspired her successful career in telecommunications, the golden age of satellites, the future of 5G and her concerns about the climate crisis.

This year’s European Business Angel Network (EBAN) congress is set to be held in Cork, where it will host more than 300 business leaders, early-stage investors, business angels, VCs, entrepreneurs and start-ups. The event will see a number of keynote speakers discuss their area of expertise, including entrepreneur and international telecoms expert Candace Johnson. Ahead of EBAN 2020, we spoke to Johnson about what drew her to telecoms in the first place, her numerous achievements in the field, and why it’s not technology that transforms society, but people. […]

Now, decades into her career, Johnson sees another challenge that she wants to fight against. She said: “I believe my and everyone’s biggest challenge is the climate crisis. I am doing everything I can to bring global businesses to do their part in combatting the climate crisis. I am convinced that we can do it if all the top businesses in the world come together.” […]

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