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Jamie Dimon Captures the Stock Market Moment

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Jamie Dimon Captures the Stock Market Moment
Article by Marcus Ashworth, Bloomberg,

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Don’t fight the U.S. Federal Reserve — repeat that mantra until it sticks.

Jamie Dimon, the boss of JPMorgan Chase & Co., put it well this week. “This wasn’t the bazooka,” he said, referring to Jay Powell’s response to the coronavirus crisis. “The Fed took out the whole military and applied it. Just announcing these programs reduced spreads (the difference between corporate bond yields and their benchmarks) in the market. It’s going to save a lot of small businesses.”

In the past month, the equity market’s glass has gone from pretty much empty to at least half full and that’s down to the coordinated fiscal and monetary effort from authorities far and wide. You want some quantitative easing? Please, have some more and take some for the journey home. Even those foot draggers at the European Union are talking about radical fiscal action. We won’t really see a V-shaped economic recovery, but it seems seem like we’ve stopped the L. […]

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