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John Winfrey — Senior Technical Account Manager

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John Winfrey — Senior Technical Account Manager

John Winfrey has his wife to thank for the career change that led him to his current role as Senior Technical Account Manager and Cloud Service Delivery Manager at Microsoft. Many years ago, while living in Little Rock, Arkansas, he was working as much as 90 hours a week as a manager for a fast food chain. He and his wife had two small children at the time and, “She told me it was time to either find a job that would allow me to spend more time with my family, or to find a new family,” he says, with a laugh.

John, who is legally blind, had never before considered looking into programs for people with visual disabilities, but decided it was a good time to do so. Through his research, he discovered World Services for the Blind, a nonprofit organization founded by the Little Rock Lions Club to provide independent living and job training skills for people with visual impairments. He interviewed for and was accepted into a 9-month computer training program that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offered through the organization. Prior to the training program, he had only a passing interest in computers, but after he completed the course, he was hired by the IRS and found himself in a new job in a new career field. […]

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