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Lacking Its Own Digital Giants, Europe Plans New Approach

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Lacking Its Own Digital Giants, Europe Plans New Approach
Credit…Bertrand Guay/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images. Article by Adam Satariano and

LONDON — Across the digital economy, Europe has been missing. Apple, based in California, and Samsung, from South Korea, make the most popular phones in Europe. Facebook owns the most widely used social networks, Google dominates online search and advertising, and Amazon controls e-commerce. European companies run their businesses on cloud infrastructure from Amazon and Microsoft. The region’s wireless networks are largely made with equipment from the Chinese giant Huawei.

The European Union on Wednesday outlined an attempt to restore what officials called “technological sovereignty,” seeking tougher regulation of the world’s biggest tech platforms, new rules for artificial intelligence, and more public spending for the European tech sector. […]

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